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Huge Inventory of Used & New Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment in Stock! If we don’t have it, we will find it!
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The Quote Genie is the ideal planning tool for your forklift purchase.  The genie can show you how different types of forklifts impact the rack layout of your warehouse.
Simply, pick the style of shelving you are looking for, add the dimensions and space available in your warehouse, select “full layout” (instead of single row or back to back row) and instantly see racks drawn in your warehouse. 
Click on a different forklift image and instantly see the drawing recreated with a different size aisle.  Narrow Aisle forklifts allow you to store more pallets compared to conventional sit down type forklifts.   
Within 30 seconds, a drawing is created and emailed to you if you like, click on a different forklift image and see how a narrow aisle forklift can increase the number of pallets you can store in the same space.
Please call one of our forklift experts. We are available to consult and help you make the right forklift decision for your requirements.
500 used and new forklifts in stock! is an authorized dealer for these fine products.